Position Available: Denture Clinic Office Manager

Innovative Denture Solutions is a quickly growing denture practice with locations in Newmarket and Bracebridge, ON and is committed to serving our community members with the highest standards of care. Working at our clinics is more than simply applying your skills and experience, it's about changing lives and keeping our clients' needs in mind all the time. Your contribution as an Office Manager will be pivotal to the productivity and efficiency of the practice by delivering a service centered around quality patient care. We are looking for a highly motivated, multitask-oriented, internet-savvy and marketing-driven individual to integrate and work along side with our current receptionist.

Your goal setting attitude, commitment and continued willingness to learn is just as important as your experience in the dental industry. Your leadership should inspire a dental team to achieve excellence!

Skills Required
  • A post secondary degree or diploma
  • Exceptional leadership, coaching and communication skills
  • Aptitude for critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • 5+ years dental experience
  • Finance and accounting aptitude
  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Internet and social networking savviness is critical
  • Writing skills are crucial for website-site related content, letters, emails, etc.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • The Office Manager should provide general supervision of all other business aspects of the practice, including, but not necessarily limited to:
    • Supervising the work of the scheduling coordinator (receptionist) - seeing that scheduling is done properly, recare is maintained, and that all patient contacts are kept up
    • Arranging for outside companies to handle our collections, patient financing, and any related matters
    • Hiring and supervising the work of part-time employees, including cleaning personnel
    • Controlling the expense of inventory
    • Analyzing practice vital signs monthly, and implementing policies to improve the financial health of the practice
    • Tracking vital signs on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, to show trends, to recognize successful performance by staff members, and to uncover problem areas in the practice before they become serious
    • Coordinating policies of the company as per the changing industry trends
    • Handling all work schedule matters, including vacation and sick days, unpaid leave, and paid time off
  • The Office Manager should assign business office tasks to clinical personnel during their free time. Examples would be:
    • "Purging" (contacting patients who have not completed dental work that they have been diagnosed as needing)
    • Calling patients for recare appointments
    • Assisting with birthday cards, statements, or other clerical tasks
  • The Office Manager is in charge of payroll. Specifically:
    • Supervise the work of our payroll service company and communicate with them so that payroll checks are correct and timely
    • See that government reports, payroll taxes, and related matters are processed correctly
    • Handle all related payroll items such as employee documentation, federal regulations, workmen's compensation, etc.
    • Monitor and regulate employees' use of sick days, vacation days, and unpaid leave
  • The Office Manager should supervise stocking and ordering of office supplies.
  • The Office Manager should see that the clinic is properly closed and secured in the evening.
Each of the above duties may be personally performed by the Office Manager or the Office Manager may oversee the performance of them by another person.

Availability: Immediate
  • Part-time starting with two days a week with transition to full-time
Wage Expectations
  • $20-30/hr depending on experience and skill level
Please send your resume submission with the following details:

Subject: Resume OM: [First Name] [Last Name]
Body: ATTN: Andre
Attach: Cover letter and resume

Please do not fax your resume. If you have any questions contact our office.

Thank you.

Andre Petrov Interview Coordinator
Tel: (905) 853-5553