Immediate Dentures

When is an immediate denture the right answer?

You’ve just been told that you need an immediate denture. But what is an immediate denture and what is the procedure for creating one? Your Denturist will guide you with the decision for an immediate denture if the situation warrants them.

To avoid being without teeth, your Denturist may implement the immediate denture technique that includes taking impressions of your mouth while natural teeth are present. Afterward, your Denturist will fabricate a denture that most closely resembles your natural teeth. If modifications become necessary, they can easily be implemented.

Your immediate denture is inserted after your natural teeth are extracted. As a result, you will avoid the need to go without any teeth while you are healing.

What you should know about immediate dentures

Because your Denturist cannot fit your denture prior to extracting teeth, some aesthetic compromises may become necessary. You will not experience any significant problems; the outcomes are normally excellent.

It is quite important that you carefully follow the postoperative instructions of your Denturist or Oral Surgeon. As your mouth heals, the receding of oral tissues may make denture adjustments necessary. Be certain to schedule follow-up appointments with your Denturist.

In order to maintain the best fit and maximum comfort, a temporary liner or tissue condition may be placed in the denture. As time progresses, the degree of bone and gum tissue shrinkage will gradually decrease. After the healing process is complete, you may choose between a new permanent full denture(s) or the immediate denture will be relined or rebased to ensure the best possible fit.

Contact your Denturist to see if an immediate denture is the best option for you. You can be certain that your Denturist will recommend the best option for your specific needs.